METU PROF. DR. MUSTAFA N. PARLAR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION was established in 12 January 1981 in the memory of Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. PARLAR who is an invaluable scientist and was co-founder of Middle East Technical University.

The aim of the foundation is to enhance the relations between the university and the industry, promote the research and researchers, provide technical hardware and tools, grant scholarships to the Middle East Technical



The aim of Prof. Dr. Mustafa N.PARLAR, Foundation of Education and Research under METU (Middle East Technical University) is to enhance University – Industry relations, promote scientific research and researchers, grant scholarships to Middle East Technical University students and provide various equipment to our university.

Moreover, each year SPECIAL AWARDS are granted by the resolution of the Board of Trustees which includes HONOR, SCIENCE, SERVICE, RESEARCH, ENCOURAGEMENT, TECHNOLOGY INCENTIVE and the METU, LECTURER OF THE YEAR AWARD, METU EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD and THESIS OF THE YEAR AWARD are granted in order to evaluate the services  as well as research and implementation studies of the outstanding scientists and pragmatists, strengthen their studies by certifying their competencies and motivate the oncoming generation.

This is the most outstanding award for those who have satisfied the substantial part of the requirements in the field of science and service, which is only granted to the persons alive.

It is granted to those who have significantly promoted the development of the country with scientific findings or have substantially contributed to science on international grounds with their scientific studies and researches, which is only granted to the persons alive.

It is granted to those who have met at least one of the following conditions and made at least one of the following contributions:
a) has made essential contributions in one of the fields of science concerning social, technological and economic development of the country;
b) has significantly contributed to develop the country’s research potential as well as promoting youth to be investigative by his/her research methods and other studies;
c) has endeavored to transfer the research results to industry and to realize a research based industrial development or generalization;
d) has contributed to country development with the aim to create new industries which Turkey needs, or to make the existing ones productive;
e) has demonstrated a leading role with modern and enterprising approach to establish higher education institutions

It is a reward granted to young researchers (who are younger than 40 years of age in the current year) who have contributed to developing one of the fields of science or have supported to resolve an issue of the country in such area. This award may be granted for a specific research study as well as to a researcher or group of researchers by considering all their studies.

It is awarded to young researchers/developers (younger than 40 years of age in the current year) who have contributed to develop a specific industrial branch with the aim to develop technology. This award may be granted for a specific research/development study as well as to a researcher/developer or a group of researchers/developers (regardless of their age) by considering all their studies.

It is granted to those who are selected from among the most successful lecturers by the students as a result of questionnaire concerning course assessment applied by Middle East Technical University Rector.  Two separate average (last period and cumulative) obtained as a result of assessment is considered in selections of replies provided for lecturers.

It is granted to those who are entitled to be awarded for third time instead of the Year’s lecturer. Those who received  this award may not be nominated for the Year’s Lecturer

It is granted to thesis studies which are approved by the relevant jury after being recommended by the specialists which are selected from among successful postgraduate thesis (notably those thesis concerning technology development) and which are completed within the previous calendar year in various departments of the university.

It is granted to thesis advisors of the thesis owner who is awarded with the Year’s Thesis

It is awarded for the meaningful studies and/or matters concerning the relevant year by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation pursuant to Article 1-e of Award Regulation

METU Lecturer of the Year Award, METU Excellence in Teaching Award, METU Thesis of the Year Award and Thesis Advisor Award are only implemented in Middle East Technical University 


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