Parlar Foundation

METU Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. Parlar Education and Research Foundation was established in 12 January 1981 in the memory of Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. PARLAR who is an invaluable scientist and was co-founder of Middle East Technical University.

The aim of the foundation is to enhance the relations between the university and the industry, promote the research and researchers, provide technical hardware and tools, grant scholarships to the Middle East Technical University students and provide financial support to lecturers.

Moreover, each year special awards are been granted by the foundation including Honor, Science, service, research, Technology encouragement as well as the Thesis of the Year award for the graduate students and postgraduates in Middle East Technical University; METU Lecturer of the Year for the lecturers; Thesis Advisor Award which was initiated in 1996-1997, and METU Excellence in Teaching Award who are entitled to be awarded as the Year’s lecturer for three times with the aim to evaluate the services as well as research and implementation studies of the outstanding scientists and pragmatists, strengthen their studies by certifying their competencies and motivate the oncoming generation.