Founder – Honorary President

Dr. Ziya TINEL who was born in Samsun in 1927, was graduated from Erzurum high school followed by Istanbul Medical University graduation in 1951.

Dr. Ziya TİNEL served as a public physician in Hani town, Çınar district between 1951-1952; physician fighting against malaria in Urfa Birecik district between 1953-1954; Provincial Health Director for fighting against malaria between 1954-1957 and the founder Vice Chairman of Turkey BCG Campaign between 1958-1959mpanyası. Dr Ziya TINEL specialized in Ear-Nose-Throat between 1959-1961 and served for Ankara Public Hospital as Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist between 1961-1964; 1964-1979; ENT Clinic founder and clinic chief in Social Security Institute Ankara Hospital between 1964-1979. After he was retired in 1979 he practiced privately until 1996.

Among the social activities of Dr. Ziya TİNEL are; METU Student Hostel Founder where he initially served voluntarily between 1958-1965 and then became Student hostel manager and doctor; Board Director of Ankara Fight Against Tuberculosis Foundation between 1960-1983; Secretariat General and President of Ankara Physician Chamber between 1960-1964; Turkish Physicians Association Board Director between 1961-1964; he was the Founder of Turkish Physicians Mutual Aid Society and founder of Science high school Protection Foundation in 1963; Founder of Ankara Nose-Ear-Throat Foundation in 1965 where he serves as Secretariat General and Chairman for 18 years. He was also the founder of Social Security Institution Ankara Hospital Protection and Development Foundation; founder of Turkish Physicians and Pharmacists’ Union; founder of Ankara University Faculty of Theology Education Foundation in 1966; Medicine High Council member of Ministry of Public Health and Welfare between 1971-1979; Founder of Turkish Ear-Nose-Throat Foundations Federation in 1974; co-founder of METU Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. PARLAR Education and Research Foundation in 1980 and he served in this foundation for 18 years as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and as Honorary President as of 1998. He was also the founder of Social Democracy Party in 1983; founder of Association of Kemalist Thought in 1989 where he served as Auditor Council member for one period. Then in 1997 he served as Vice Chairman in this Association in 1997. In 1993 he acted as the founder of Socio-Political and Economic Research Foundation (TESAV).

Mr. Ziya Tinel received Honorary Badge and Medal award from National Fight with Tuberculosis Foundation and METU service excellence award in 1990.

Dr. Ziya TINEL is the author of “Audiological – Otoneurological Tests and Evaluations” and “Rehabilitation of Laryngectomee Operated Patients” and more than 50 medical articles.

Dr. Ziya TINEL is married and is a father of 4 children