Who is M.N.PARLAR?


Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. PARLAR, was born in Yayla village, Hemşin distrik, Rize in1925. He received his bachelor degree in Illinois Technology Institute in 1949 and took master degree in Northwestern University in1950 which was followed by doctoral degree in Brooklyn Polytechnic İnstitute in 1954. He served as a research engineer in Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute for 4 years and one year in Clarkson College of Technology as assistant professor during his stay in United States.

After he returned to the country he served in General Directorate of Power Resources Institute (EIE) for a short period which was followed by operational research officer in Office of Commander Chief, Science Advisory Council. After he completed military service he served for Middle East Technical University in 1957 as Director of Education; Electric-electronics Department Head (1958); Electric Engineering Department Head; Engineering Faculty Dean (1960-1970). Mustafa PARLAR was promoted to Associate Professor in 1964 and Professor in 1969. In academic year of 1966-1967 he lectured in California University as visiting professor and conducted researches. He was assigned as Rector to ODTU in 1970; however he retired from office and served as Board Member and Chairman for Turkish Chamber of Electrical Engineering between 1969 and 1970. He became a member of parliament between 1973 and 1977 and returned back to the university in 1977 and served as Founder Dean of METU İçel engineering sciences. Finally he served as Head of Solar Energy Research Promotion Unit for TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Son Technological Research Council of Turkey)

Chairman of Energy Commission of TÜBİTAK and President of Coordination Council to METU Energy. Prof. Dr. Mustafa PARLAR’s academic studies covered a very wide range and he was primarily focused on the needs of Turkey. He initiated researches in different fields from energy issues to communication in METU. Besides the managerial and academic duties, he served as consultant to public institutions and United Nations Secretariat General. He made significant contributions to industrialization issues and establishment of heavy electronic industry and electronic industry; endeavored to support the university to contribute for solutions of the country’s technical issues. He also pioneered to finalize the technological transfers in electro-technical and electronical sector and has promoted to resolve the energy problem of Turkey in terms of being organized.

Mustafa N. PARLAR’s 25 science reports was published locally and internationally including nearly 60 news articles and numerous technical reports and he was the author of five books – which one of them was translated by him. He has four children.

Mustafa PARLAR was not someone who turns his back to the developing issues of the society and industry but instead he always defended that scientific approach would lead to change environment and increase the standard of living with the laboratories he built and researchers he led, therefore he played a creative and constructive role within the society.

Mustafa PARLAR resisted against challenges which may cause to atrophy of intelligence and capability and in contrast, these challenges sharpened his power and laid root to his philosophy when he was lecturing his students with the motto of “science for life” which was his aim to promote his country’s development and the university mentality with high technology.

In the 1950s, the Middle East Technical University had just begun to be formed in barracks. During those times, Mustafa PARLAR built a new science-industry relationship with his multi-faceted personality and thoughts concentrated on practice, and accordingly, he created a contemporary understanding of education. Today’s Middle East Technical University has developed and exalted around this concept. In order to keep the memory of Mustafa PARLAR alive, to serve Turkish education, and to work in line with the objectives he strived for throughout his life, METU Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. PARLAR Education and Research Foundation was established.
PARLAR’s death anniversaries are known as reward days.

On 19 January 1982, Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. PARLAR Education and Research Foundation built a monumental park symbolizing all university faculty members in METU. Thus, a statue of a faculty member was erected at the university for the first time in our country, at the Middle East Technical University. Mustafa PARLAR will continue to be with his faculty members and students